Who Is Will Ospreay Wife? Meet His Partner Alice Olivia

This week on Dynamite, AEW directed significant attention towards the upcoming ‘All In London’ event. A key moment unfolded when Will Ospreay shared a particularly intriguing revelation.

Notably, it was revealed that a showdown is scheduled between Will Ospreay and Chris Jericho at the AEW All In London event. This pairing promises a great deal for fans, encompassing a history between the two that could be unbeknownst to certain viewers.

Furthermore, alongside his professional endeavors, his personal life has also garnered significant attention. The public’s curiosity is piqued, seeking insights into his romantic relationship and beyond. In the following sections, we’ll delve whether he has a wife or girlfriend, and related news.

Meet Will Ospreay Girlfriend Alice Olivia

Will Ospreay has a girlfriend whose name is Alice Olivia. Alice Olivia Walker is a wrestler from England. She goes by the name Alex Windsor when she’s in the ring. Right now, she’s wrestling for Revolution Pro Wrestling. She’s the Undisputed British Women’s Champion there, which means she’s the best among the women wrestlers. She’s also been in other wrestling groups in Europe.

Who Is Will Ospreay Wife? Meet His Partner Alice Olivia

You can find Alice on Instagram using the username @alice_olivia93, but that’s her private account. She also has another account that’s public where she shares things about herself, which can be found under the handle @hailwindsor. It’s not clear exactly when Will and his girlfriend began dating. But on June 13th, they celebrated their anniversary.

Will uploaded couple of photos that showed him and his girlfriend together. He wrote in the caption, “I’ll be honest I’m surprised you lasted this long 😂Happy anniversary.”

Previously, Walker was married to another wrestler named Ryan Smile. Sadly, Ryan Smile passed away in October 2020.

Will Ospreay NJPW Contract Expiring In 6 Months

According to Chris Jericho, he pointed out that Will Ospreay’s remarkable career owes something to his influence. In the past, Jericho advised Ospreay to dial back his style for the sake of a prolonged career. However, Ospreay disclosed a fascinating aspect of his journey.

Who Is Will Ospreay Wife? Meet His Partner Alice Olivia

Ospreay revealed his string of incredible matches, highlighting a deliberate strategy. With his New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW) contract expiring in half a year, he’s determined to showcase his supremacy as the finest wrestler globally, across all platforms and promotions.

This revelation carried substantial weight as it unfolded on AEW Dynamite. While NJPW might wish to retain Ospreay, the real question lingers: Can they compete with potential offers he might receive from elsewhere?

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