Know About Will Forte’s Wife And Their Relationship

Embarking on the comedic journey of actor Will Forte unveils a tapestry of laughter and talent. From his iconic roles on “Saturday Night Live” to his creative ventures like “MacGruber” and “The Last Man on Earth,” Forte has left an indelible mark on the entertainment world.

However, beyond the spotlight, lies a heartwarming love story that intertwines his life with that of Olivia Modling. Their relationship sparked at a serendipitous party, and flourished into an engagement amid the pandemic’s challenges. The arrival of their daughter, Zoe Douglas Forte, added a new chapter to their story. This introduction invites you to explore not only the comedic genius of Will Forte but also the meaningful connection he shares with his wife, Olivia.

Meet Will Forte’s Wife, Olivia Modling

Olivia Modling is a University of Alabama graduate, completing her studies in 2013. She currently holds a position in the distribution and brand partnerships department at Synergy Global Entertainment (SGE), a boutique festival agency specializing in large-scale live music events and multi-touch point marketing. SGE was founded in 1989 with a focus on artist management and deals, evolving into producing touring and destination festivals.

Know About Will Forte's Wife And Their Relationship

Olivia has been in the company of Will’s famous friends, such as actress Mary Steenburgen, who shared a festive photo of the couple wearing matching Christmas sweaters at a party in 2019. Olivia’s patience and understanding have been praised by Will, making her an important presence in his life.

With her academic background, professional role, and newfound role as a mother, Olivia Modling contributes to a dynamic and evolving life alongside Will Forte, creating a meaningful journey enriched by her education, career, and family.

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How Did Olivia And Will Start Dating?

Olivia’s journey with her now-husband, Will Forte, began when they met at a party in 2018. They swiftly connected and started dating, eventually becoming engaged in early 2020 before the COVID-19 pandemic led to a nationwide lockdown. Their family grew during quarantine, welcoming their daughter, Zoe Douglas Forte, on February 15, 2021.

Know About Will Forte's Wife And Their Relationship

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Know About Olivia Modling And Will Forte’s Wedding

Olivia Modling and Will Forte exchanged their vows in an intimate ceremony on July 31, 2021, shortly after welcoming their daughter, Zoe. In an exclusive interview with People on December 8, Forte revealed that despite not rushing into marriage, the couple felt the urge to tie the knot. With their families set to visit in mere weeks, they seized the opportunity.

Know About Will Forte's Wife And Their Relationship

Realizing that their loved ones were already gathered, including Forte’s close friends from his show “MacGruber,” the decision to have an impromptu wedding was made. The event was hastily planned in under two weeks. Forte emphasized that elongating the process over two years would have been unnecessarily stressful.

The wedding itself was an intimate affair, leaving Forte with a sense of already being married. He finds joy in referring to Modling as his wife and wearing a wedding ring. He praised Modling’s patience and understanding, calling her the most patient person he knows. Forte expressed his immense happiness and feelings of luck.

In Forte’s words, the day was described as truly delightful, encapsulating the joy and spontaneity that marked the beginning of their marital journey.

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