Street Woman Fighter Season 2 Contestants: Know All About The 8 Dance Crews

Street Woman Fighter 2, commonly referred to as SWF2, marks the third installment of the popular South Korean dance competition series Street Woman Fighter. The show made its debut on Mnet on August 22, 2023, with weekly episodes airing every Tuesday at 22:20 KST.

The central theme of the program revolves around eight dynamic female dance crews vying for the prestigious title of being Korea’s premier female dance crew, representing the essence of street dance in the country, often celebrated as “K-dance.” The victorious crew will be awarded a grand prize of ₩50 million along with exquisite diamond rings courtesy of Amondz.

Apart from the provided information, Street Woman Fighter Season 2 has garnered significant attention, piquing the curiosity of many viewers eager to learn more about this exciting season. In this article, we will delve into the details and highlights of this highly anticipated season.

Street Woman Fighter Season 2: Excitement Grows

As the highly anticipated return of Street Woman Fighter 2 approaches on August 22, 2023, fans are buzzing with excitement over the intriguing lineup of contestants in this Korean female dance survival program. The show has garnered immense popularity since its first season, setting high standards that viewers are eagerly anticipating for the upcoming season.

Street Woman Fighter Season 2 Contestants: Everything To Know About The 8 Dance Crews

Recently, the eight dance crews and their members treated audiences to introductory performances, showcasing their dance covers of songs by artists from the four major entertainment agencies. Notably, several groups have pleasantly surprised viewers by featuring familiar faces in the competitive dance show.

One remarkable aspect is the age diversity among the Street Woman Fighter 2 contestants, with most participants being above the age of 23, and the oldest contender being 41 years old. This inclusivity has drawn praise and admiration from viewers, as it offers a platform for talented dancers from different generations to display their skills and passion.

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The heightened anticipation among fans is palpable, as they eagerly await the captivating performances and talents that these remarkable groups of women are poised to bring to the stage.

Exploring Mission 1: ‘Battle Of The Weakest’ And The Ace Battle

In this mission, each dancer from the participating teams selects a dancer from the opposing team whom they believe they can defeat in a one-on-one dance battle. The chosen dancer is then awarded a “No Respect” Sticker for each time they are selected.

Street Woman Fighter Season 2 Contestants: Everything To Know About The 8 Dance Crews

The second round of the competition features two-on-two battles, while the third round involves intense five-on-five crew battles. Additionally, a unique round called the “Ace Battle” has been introduced. In the Ace Battle, each team designates one Ace member, and a random Ace member from the opposing team is chosen as their opponent.

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The other Ace members then have 100 seconds to decide whether they want to challenge the chosen Ace member. If multiple Ace members opt to battle the selected Ace member, one of them is randomly chosen.

While the rules remain consistent across all rounds, rematches are conducted as one-on-one battles, and points earned for both victories and defeats are doubled in Ace Battles.

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