Moving Image Research Collections

Moving Image Research Collections

The Moving Image Research Collections (MIRC) at the University of South Carolina is dedicated to safeguarding and preserving films and videos created outside the American feature film industry. Our primary objective is to make these valuable resources accessible to both current and future audiences. To achieve this, we offer a wide range of avenues for accessing and licensing our exceptional collection of materials. Whether you are a researcher, educator, filmmaker, or enthusiast, we provide various means to explore and utilize these historically significant films and videos.

MIRC Collections:

Civil Rights Films From Moving Image Research Collections

Fox Movietone News Collection

Fox Movietone News: The War Years

Harry And William Birch Collection

Home Movies From Moving Image Research Collections

Local Television Newsfilm Collections

Roman Vishniac: The Subject Is Nature

South Carolina Film and Video Collection

United States Marine Corps Films

University Of South Carolina Film And Video Collections

Media Types



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