Metric Mate: What You Need To Know About Its Net Worth

Metric Mate functions as a highly intelligent training companion, utilizing advanced ‘TAP Technology’ to transform ordinary exercise equipment into smart and interactive devices. At the heart of this system lies the essential ‘T.A.P sensor,’ a device designed to securely fasten onto workout equipment. In 2022, Metric Mate secured investment and is currently valued at $2 million. This innovative wellness and fitness technology addresses a notable gap in the market for precise workout reporting.

While many fitness apps and devices offer guidance, they often fall short in delivering accurate workout data, such as step counts, unlike Metric Mate’s advanced capabilities. So, stay with us as we delve deeper into the intricate details of this fitness technology company. We will uncover more about its operations, partnerships, and future prospects in this forthcoming article.

What Is Metric Mate? How Much Is Its Net Worth?

Metric Mate is an intelligent training partner using ‘TAP Technology’ to upgrade workout equipment. The ‘T.A.P. Sensor’ attaches to gear, track performance, and sends data to the Metric Mate app for analysis. It then acts as a virtual assistant, offering guidance to users in achieving their fitness goals. The ‘T.A.P. Sensor’ is available for pre-order at $199 on the company’s website, and the Metric Mate app can be found on the App Store.

Metric Mate: What You Need To Know About Its Net Worth

In January 2023, “Metric Mate” had the honor of being featured on the renowned American television show, Shark Tank. At that time, the company’s valuation was approximately $2 million USD. Following their appearance on Shark Tank, Metric Mate has witnessed remarkable growth and prosperity. They successfully secured additional investments and forged valuable partnerships, which have contributed to their current estimated net worth of $2 million USD. Additionally, Shark Tank is a well-known television program where up-and-coming entrepreneurs present their business concepts to a panel of accomplished investors referred to as ‘sharks’.” Keep reading for more.

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Who Is The Founder Of Metric Mate?

The Metric Mate Company was founded by three friends: M-T Strckland, Braxton K. Davis, and Ecleamus Ricks, Jr. Their journey in the Wellness and Fitness Services industry began in 2017. M-T Strckland serves as the company’s co-founder and CEO.

Prior to his role at Metric Mate, he gained experience in a prominent Product Supply Chains Company after completing his studies in electrical engineering at the Missouri University of Science and Technology. In 2015, he initiated the Strictly Unlimited Company, and he holds the prestigious title of UBS Fellow on The Fourth Floor.

Metric Mate: What You Need To Know About Its Net Worth

Braxton K. Davis, on the other hand, is the co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Metric Mate, although he works part-time in this capacity. He’s an alumnus of the Georgia State University College of Law and is also known as the founder of the Patent Institute of Training. His impressive resume includes a five-year stint as the executive director of NCPP. Completing the trio is Ecleamus Ricks, Jr., who serves as the Chief Technology Officer of the company. Prior to joining Metric Mate, he contributed his expertise in various roles at National Instruments for a span of seven years.

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Is Metric Mate Still In Business?

This fitness technology firm has established valuable partnerships with Techstars and Cox Enterprises, highlighting its commitment to growth and innovation. To propel such a company forward, effective marketing strategies and substantial investment will be essential.

Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, this startup in the fitness tech sector has garnered significant media attention, receiving coverage in prominent publications like Business Wire, Benzinga, News Center, among others. Situated in Atlanta, the company’s headquarters is home to a dedicated team of 3 to 10 professionals working diligently to advance its mission.

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