Equal Rights Amendment

Bumper Sticker that reads ERA: No time limit on equality

This collection of digital files is a small sample of the many folders about the Equal Rights Amendment that are kept at South Carolina Political Collections.

James T. McCain Papers, 1957-1972

Banner featuring photo of McCain along with images of materials from collection

James T. McCain was born in Sumter, South Carolina in 1905. He went to Morris College, a historically black college in Sumter, and later got his Masters of Education from Temple University in 1940. Afterward, he came back to South Carolina and worked as a teacher and principal in various schools across the state, he was eventually prevented from teaching….

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Lanny And Sidney Palmer Collection

Montage of images of Lanny and Sidney Palmer with sheet music in background

Lanny and Sidney Palmer were well-known and highly accomplished individuals who played a significant role in South Carolina’s cultural scene for more than 50 years. They were involved in various creative fields such as classical music performance, composing, conducting, opera, choral performances, musical theater, dance, television production, photography, music education and …

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AccessAble Books

In 2017, 18 special books were turned into digital copies. These books are very valuable and one-of-a-kind. They were digitized with the help of UofSC Press. Some of the books talk about South Carolina and its people, while others cover different places. Inside these books, you’ll find stories about people’s lives, historical events, and experiences of veterans. They come in various types, like personal memories, biographies, and historical accounts.

Moving Image Research Collections

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Alan Seeger, Le Poète De La Légion Étrangère

Alan Seeger was a poet who fought in the Foreign Legion during the war. His father collected and translated the letters and poems by Odette Raimondi-Matheron.

Alphabet Rendered Instructive And Entertaining

This beautiful alphabet book has nice pictures. It was made in 1775 and is a great example of old children’s books from the 18th century.

Audubon’s Birds Of America

An image by Audubon of two woodpeckers.

The Birds of America is a book with 435 plates that show life-sized and realistic pictures of birds. It was illustrated by John James Audubon and printed in London by Havell. The engravings were hand-painted and are very important for the study of birds. The University of South Carolina (formerly known as South Carolina College) was one of the first subscribers to Audubon’s mammoth The Birds of …

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Belle W. Baruch Library Collection

Shallow Water Marine Benthic Macroinvertebrates of South Carolina: Species Identification, Community Composition, and Symbiotic Associations” written by Richard S. Fox and Edward E. Ruppert.

Bonds Conway Papers, 1763-1907

This collection contains letters, land papers, and other items that tell the story of a free family of color from the 18th to the 20th centuries. The family lived in South Carolina, Georgia, Kansas, east Texas, and other places.

Brief History Of Moscovia

This collection contains a book written by John Milton called “A Brief History of Moscovia” which talks about lesser-known countries located to the east of Russia, all the way to Cathay. The information in the book was gathered from the accounts of people who personally witnessed these places. The collection also includes an old map of Russia dating back to 1625.

Camilla Urso Collection

Camilla Urso was a famous violinist in the 19th century. She became a leading violinist during a time when people didn’t think it was appropriate for a woman to play the violin.