Breaking Down The Expenses And TruthOf Madison LeCroy’s Plastic Surgery

Madison LeCroy has gained popularity as a cast member of the reality show “Southern Charm” since its sixth season. Fans have been curious about the expenses associated with her plastic surgery procedures. Despite her reality star status, Madison also maintains a regular job, operating a beauty salon named Maven in Charleston, South Carolina.

While the eighth season of “Southern Charm” faced challenges, Madison still managed to provide some entertaining moments, particularly her interactions with her ex-boyfriend Austen Kroll, which often led to heated exchanges when they found themselves in the same room. These scenes added a dose of drama and intrigue to the show. Let’s delve into this and also cover the information regarding her transformation.

Who Is Madison LeCroy?

Madison LeCroy made a significant impact on “Southern Charm” when she initially joined the Bravo series as a “friend of” the cast during season 6, in her role as Austen Kroll’s girlfriend. Fast forward three seasons, and she’s moved on from that relationship, elevated her presence on the show, and has taken on a narrating role in the series’ ninth season.

Breaking Down The Expenses And TruthOf Madison LeCroy's Plastic Surgery

Madison has been sharing significant updates from her personal life in recent years. She went from being a single mom to her 9-year-old son, Hudson, to getting married to husband, Brett Randle. Interestingly, the couple celebrated their marriage twice in November 2022, with ceremonies held in Charleston and Riviera Maya, Mexico. Alongside these personal changes, Madison also revealed to her fans that she underwent plastic surgery, which appeared to be a substantial financial investment which we will read in the next paragraph in more depth.

The Estimated Expenses Of Madison LeCroy’s Plastic Surgery

Madison LeCroy has enjoyed both success and financial stability over the years. With a net worth of $1.5 million, her recent plastic surgery procedures have piqued the curiosity of her fans. Unlike some celebrities who prefer to keep such matters private, Madison has always been open about her life, whether discussing her romantic experiences on “Southern Charm” or engaging with her 611,000 Instagram followers.

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In February 2021, Madison revealed on Instagram that she had undergone plastic surgery, although she didn’t specify the exact procedures. According to some reports, Madison also had plastic surgery on her abdominal area. Madison disclosed that she had her procedures done at Dr. Patrick O’Neill’s office in Charleston, South Carolina. While the doctor’s website doesn’t list specific prices, estimates can be derived from the pricing guidelines of The American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Breaking Down The Expenses And TruthOf Madison LeCroy's Plastic Surgery

If Madison had a breast augmentation, it would have cost approximately $4,516, while a breast reduction typically costs around $5,913 according to Regarding her abdominal area, although Madison didn’t provide precise details, it’s likely she had a Tummy Tuck, a procedure offered by Dr. O’Neill, which The American Society of Plastic Surgeons prices at approximately $6,154.

Considering that Madison underwent two procedures, it can be inferred that she spent at least $10,000 USD on her plastic surgery, a substantial sum though perhaps not as high as some fans may have anticipated. Keep reading for more.

Backlash Directed At Madison LeCroy Over Her Plastic Surgery

Madison LeCroy, a prominent figure due to her role on “Southern Charm,” faced a mix of support and criticism after her plastic surgery. In June 2022, she addressed backlash on her Instagram Story, expressing frustration at comments suggesting her physique was solely due to surgery. Madison emphasized her dedication to a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise, stating that her sculpted physique was the result of hard work, not surgery.

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Madison shared insights into her workout routine, including three to four sessions per week, meal plans, and a focus on nutritious foods like broccoli, kale, and chicken. Additionally, she mentioned avoiding sugar, carbs, and alcohol for a month in January 2021 and intensifying her workouts before her wedding, sometimes exercising five to six days a week. Now, the question on everyone’s mind is whether Madison LeCroy and her husband are still together or if there have been any developments in their relationship.

Are Madison LeCroy And Husband Brett Randle Still Together?

Madison LeCroy and husband Brett Randle, both of “Southern Charm” fame, have been together for several years since meeting in Arizona. They got engaged after six months of dating and had an eventful wedding season in 2022. Madison has publicly stated that she’s happier with Brett than her previous costar, Austen Kroll, mainly due to the privacy in their relationship.

Breaking Down The Expenses And Surgeries Of Madison LeCroy's Plastic Surgery

Madison and Brett’s whirlwind romance began when Brett asked for Madison’s number during a trip to Arizona, and she knew he was the one. They quickly formed a strong bond and even bought a home together in Charleston. However, Madison’s recent social media posts have raised questions about their relationship status, as she hasn’t posted about Brett lately.

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