Getting To Know Kenny Williams’ Wife Amid His Departure From White Sox

Kenneth Royal Williams used to play baseball as an outfielder in the Major League. He also used to hold a high position as Executive Vice President of the Chicago White Sox team.

In a big change for the team, recently i.e., on August 22, the Chicago White Sox made a serious decision on. They let go of their main baseball leader, executive vice president Ken Williams. He had been with the team for thirty years and was the one behind their only championship win in the past 106 years. They also removed general manager Rick Hahn.

Jerry Reinsdorf, the owner, had to make a tough decision. After two bad seasons, even though they had started with hopes of winning in the middle-level American League Central, he had to let go of Williams and Hahn. Williams had started working with the White Sox as a scout in 1992 and was like a son to Reinsdorf.

Reinsdorf said that the decision was really hard because they were like family. He thanked both Williams and Hahn for their work with the team, including winning the 2005 World Series and making it to the playoffs many times.

Getting To Know Kenny Williams' Wife Amid His Departure From White Sox

As news of these significant changes spread, it piqued the curiosity of many, leading them to delve into the personal aspects of Kenny’s life, particularly his wife. So, keep reading till the end.

Meet Zoraida Sambolin, Kenny Williams Wife

Kenny Williams wife, Zoraida Senoba Sambolin is a journalist who works on American TV. Sambolin comes from Puerto Rico. Until recently, she hosted a show called Early Start on CNN. She’s originally from Chicago and worked as a news anchor for local TV stations WMAQ-TV (NBC) and WSNS-TV for nine years.

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In May 2013, Sambolin told everyone that she had breast cancer. She had an operation called a double mastectomy on May 28, 2013. She said it was hard to decide how to share this news, but she did it while talking about Angelina Jolie, who had also written about her double mastectomy in the New York Times.

Inside Kenny Williams And Zoraida Sambolin’s Relationship

Sambolin and Williams met at a charity event in Chicago, thanks to their friend Ozzie Guillen, who managed the White Sox team. They became really close friends and eventually started dating.

They dated for two years and got engaged on Christmas Eve in 2012. On that special day, Williams was quite nervous about proposing, and Sambolin was genuinely surprised for a moment.

Getting To Know Kenny Williams' Wife Amid His Departure From White Sox

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Later, Williams talked about the proposal it in an interview. He shared, “I was excited the whole day and, after dinner, I took her to my home office and asked her to marry me. She knows I can’t keep surprises for long. But the next day, at a church, I knelt in front of the altar and asked her again, just the way I had planned it — and she pretended to be surprised.”

After Williams made the announcement, Sambolin happily accepted his proposal and became his fiancée. Two years later, in July 2014, they tied the knot surrounded by their loved ones.

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