Meet Keisha Lance Bottoms’s Husband: Inside Their Relationship

In the world of politics and public service, the spotlight often shines brightest on the elected officials themselves. However, behind every strong leader is often an equally influential and supportive partner. Keisha Lance Bottoms, the former Mayor of Atlanta and a prominent figure in American politics, is no exception to this rule.

This article delves into the life and relationship of Keisha Lance Bottoms and her husband, Derek W. Bottoms. Their journey from law school sweethearts to a power couple in Atlanta’s political and professional landscape is a testament to their shared values, commitment to family, and dedication to their community.

A Peek Into Keisha Lance Bottoms’ Husband, Derek’s Relationship

Keisha Lance Bottoms‘ husband, Derek W. Bottoms, has been a steadfast presence in her life, both personally and professionally. Their relationship has been marked by a deep connection, shared values, and a commitment to family and community.

Meet Keisha Lance Bottoms's Husband: Inside Their Relationship

The couple’s journey together began when they crossed paths during their first year at Georgia State University College of Law. Both pursuing careers in law, they found common ground and mutual support in their shared academic pursuits. Derek Bottoms, who is about six years Keisha’s senior, quickly became a significant influence in her life.

Their wedding in October 1994 at Atlanta’s Ben Hill United Methodist Church marked the start of their life together as a married couple. Both attorneys, they embarked on their professional careers while building a strong family foundation.

One of the remarkable aspects of Keisha and Derek Bottoms’ life together is their commitment to parenthood. Despite unsuccessful attempts to have children biologically, the couple chose adoption as their path to building a family. Their decision to adopt not just one, but four children, underscores their dedication to providing loving homes to those in need.

Their four adopted children—Lance, Langston, Lennox, and Lincoln—have been at the center of their family life. Derek and Keisha have poured their love and support into raising their children, nurturing them as they grow and ensuring they have a stable and caring environment in which to thrive.

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Meet Derek Bottoms, Keisha Lance Bottoms’ Husband

Derek Bottoms’ professional career has also been notable. He has spent about 18 years at Home Depot, a prominent Atlanta-based company, where he serves as the vice president of employment practices and associate relations. His background in law and his extensive experience in this role demonstrate his commitment to promoting positive workplace practices and employee well-being.

Meet Keisha Lance Bottoms's Husband: Inside Their Relationship

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Beyond their personal and professional lives, the Bottoms family has been actively involved in various community and philanthropic endeavors. Derek’s service on the board of directors for organizations like the Grady Health Foundation, the Georgia Justice Project, the East Lake Foundation, and his membership in the 100 Black Men of Atlanta reflects a shared dedication to making a positive impact on Atlanta’s communities and beyond.

In summary, Keisha Lance Bottoms and Derek W. Bottoms share a loving and supportive partnership that has withstood the test of time. Their commitment to family, their shared values, and their active engagement in their community make them a remarkable couple whose influence extends far beyond their personal lives.

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