Know About Judge Toler’s Husband And Their Relationship

Lynn Toler, an accomplished American figure born in 1959, exudes versatility as a lawyer, judge, TV arbitrator, and author. Widely recognized for her 13-year tenure as the host of “Divorce Court,” Toler’s expertise extends beyond the screen, evident in her book “Making Marriage Work.” Her candidness about her 33-year marriage to Eric Mumford, a retired accountant, showcased the resilience that weathered life’s challenges. With grace, Toler articulated how lessons from the courtroom translated into personal growth, notably in communication and mutual understanding.

Eric’s passing in 2022 brought condolences from admirers. Toler’s impactful career, genuine reflections, and enduring commitment portray her as an exemplar of strength and wisdom. In this article, we’ll talk about her husband and their relationship in detail.

Who Was Judge Lynn Toler’s Husband?

Behind the public façade, Toler’s personal life intertwined with Eric “Big E” Mumford, her husband of 33 years. Although he maintained a private profile, it is known that he was a retired accountant. Their story began in 1986, blossoming into marriage in 1989 following a two-year engagement. On their anniversary in 2022, Toler nostalgically shared their journey through Instagram photos, revealing they were “unceremoniously hitched at lunchtime.” Their union endured for 35 years, a testament to their commitment and devotion.

Eric Mumford, already a father of four from his prior marriage, added two more members to their family, William and Xavier. William Mumford-Toler chose the path of an audio engineer, while Xavier-Mumford Toler pursued a career in basketball. Toler’s openness extended beyond Instagram as she penned an op-ed for HuffPost in 2017, candidly discussing their relationship’s intricacies.

Know About Judge Toler's Husband And Their Relationship

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Toler acknowledged the role of “Divorce Court” in salvaging their marriage during a tumultuous phase, conceding that the show’s lessons on communication and overcoming insecurities had a profound impact. The couple prioritized understanding each other’s perspectives and addressing problems together, fostering resilience in their bond.

While Toler was forthcoming about their journey’s challenges, she recognized that their enduring connection was based on a conscious commitment to marriage. Their approach acknowledged the fluid nature of matrimony while keeping their fingers crossed for continued happiness.

Following Eric Mumford’s passing, condolences flowed in from fans, friends, and Toler’s former “Divorce Court” colleagues. Lynn Toler currently holds a role as co-host and ‘marriage mentor’ on We TV’s reality series “Marriage Boot Camp.” Her multifaceted career, candid reflections, and enduring partnership with Eric Mumford have defined her as a figure of wisdom and resilience.

Know About Judge Toler's Husband And Their Relationship

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How Did Lynn Toler’s Husband Die?

Lynn Toler’s husband, Eric “Big E” Mumford, passed away on December 23, 2022, just days before Christmas. The former arbiter on “Divorce Court” and co-host of “Marriage Boot Camp” shared the heartbreaking news on January 4, 2023, through a poignant Instagram post. The tribute featured a photo of the couple, along with Mumford’s birth and death dates. Toler, expressing profound grief, described herself as “in a million pieces.” While the cause of death remains undisclosed, the post conveyed Toler’s deep admiration for her late husband, referring to him as a “Beautiful man. Inside and out.”

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