JB Smoove Wife: He Brings CBS Renovation Show To Hometown

JB Smoove, a funny actor from North Carolina, who you might recognize from the show “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” is going back to his hometown. He took part in a TV show called “Secret Celebrity Renovation.” This show surprises important people in famous folks’ lives with home makeovers.

For JB Smoove, the surprise is for his family. He’s fixing up his grandma’s old house in Plymouth, N.C., where he grew up. The plan is to make it a nice place for his family to get together for special events.

People are now quite interested in JB Smoove’s wife and the special party he hosted for his family. So, in this article, we’re going to talk all about the his wife and kids.

All About J.B. Smoove Wife And Kids

J.B. Smoove and his wife Shahidah Omar have been together for a long time, more than ten years. They really like each other’s company. J.B. said in an interview that his wife is his best friend and supports everything he does. They have three kids and live in the United States. J.B. started his career in 1995 on Def Comedy Jam and later wrote and performed on NBC’s Saturday Night Live.

JB Smoove Wife: He Brings CBS Renovation Show To Hometown

Even though they’re known to the public, they keep their private relationship mostly hidden. They show that they’re really committed to each other, which is nice for their fans. J.B. is a famous comedian, and he’s also a proud dad. He shares pictures of his family on Instagram, showing how much he cares about them.

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Celebrating At Smoove Family’s Home On CBS

On August 11, you can watch on CBS a special episode of a show called “Secret Celebrity Renovation.” This time, they’re focusing on JB Smoove, the actor and comedian. They wanted to fix up his childhood home in Plymouth. This house used to belong to his grandma and the family still gathers there. But when they checked the house, it was too old to fix. So, for the first time in the show’s history, they’re making a new house.

After the new house was brought and placed on the foundation, workers finished the whole project in just three weeks. This included making a nice front porch, a back deck with a ramp that follows the rules of the Americans with Disabilities Act, a concrete driveway and walkway. They also fixed up the yard by putting new grass and doing some landscaping.

JB Smoove Wife: He Brings CBS Renovation Show To Hometown

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Then, the people from the TV show “Secret Celebrity Renovation” filled the house with furniture for the final filming. JB Smoove even stayed in the house and had a special family party there on the Fourth of July.

JB Smoove, who started on Def Comedy Jam, did things on Saturday Night Live, and acted in HBO’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and the CBS show “The Millers.”

You can watch the episode about his Plymouth house on CBS.

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