How To Prep Nails For Press Ons? A Step By Step Guide

Getting a salon-style manicure with long, elegant nails is a desire many of us share. However, frequent visits to the nail salon can be both time-consuming and costly. Thankfully, there’s a fantastic solution: press-on nails.

These acrylic resin false nails offer a near-perfect resemblance to a salon-quality acrylic manicure, and you can apply them in minutes from the comfort of your home. In this article, we will guide you through the essential steps of preparing your natural nails for press-on nails.

The Preparation Steps For Press On Nails

1. Choosing the Right Size and Style

Before diving into the application process, it’s crucial to select the right size and style of press-on nails. Press-on nails kits usually come with a variety of sizes to ensure a good match for your natural nails. Each press-on nail is typically numbered on the back, with zero being the largest for your thumb and 11 being the smallest for your pinky finger. Take your time to choose the correct size to avoid overlap on your skin.

Additionally, consider the shape, length, and nail designs. Opt for a style that suits your everyday lifestyle and preferences. While long coffin, stiletto, and almond-shaped press-on nails are trendy and elegant, remember that practicality matters too.

How To Prep Nails For Press Ons? A Step By Step Guide

2. Start With Clean Nails

Just like a professional manicure, prep work is crucial for a successful press-on nail application. Begin by pushing back your cuticles gently to remove any excess skin. To ensure a clean surface, use an alcohol prep pad or a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol to wipe your nails. This step removes any oils, dirt, or existing polish and helps the press-on nails adhere better to your natural nails.

3. Choosing The Adhesive

Press-on nail kits usually offer two options for attachment: sticky tape and nail glue. If you’re looking for a temporary fix, you can use the sticky tape included in the set. However, if you want your press-on nails to last longer (typically five to 10 days or even more, depending on your nail beds and lifestyle), it’s advisable to use nail glue. Nail glue provides a more secure and durable bond.

4. Proper Application Technique

When applying press-on nails, follow these steps for a flawless finish:

  • Place the press-on nail right up to your cuticle line.
  • Apply it at a downward angle to ensure a snug fit.
  • Apply pressure to the center of the nail.
  • Pinch at both sides to solidify the adhesive or glue.
How To Prep Nails For Press Ons? A Step By Step Guide

It’s essential to ensure that the press-on nail is securely attached to your natural nail to prevent any lifting or premature removal.

5. Shaping And Contouring

Avoid the temptation to file the press-on nail immediately after applying it to your natural nail. Wait until after you’ve applied the entire set. To achieve a natural look, contour the nails from the sidewalls to taper them. This step is crucial because everyone’s nail beds are different, and proper contouring enhances the appearance of your press-on nails.

6. Easy Removal

Removing press-on nails is a straightforward process. If you’ve used press-ons with self-adhesive, they can be removed with warm water and a little oil. However, if you opted for nail glue, follow these steps:

  • Place an acetone-based remover in a small ceramic or glass dish.
  • Soak your nails in the remover for about 10 minutes.
  • Alternatively, you can use a glue remover specifically designed for nail products.

This gentle removal process ensures that your natural nails remain undamaged.

7. Reusable Press-Ons

While some press-on nails are designed for single use, there are plenty of reusable options available. If you’re interested in getting more wear out of your press-on nails, consider brands like Static Nails, which can be easily removed, stored, and used again for your next manicure.

By following these steps for prepping your natural nails and applying press-ons, you can enjoy beautiful, long-lasting nails without the hassle or expense of frequent salon visits. Plus, with the wide variety of sizes, styles, and designs available, you can change up your look whenever you desire. Say goodbye to salon stress and hello to stunning press-on nails!

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