Who Is Danielle Collins’ Boyfriend? All You Need To Know

Danielle Collins, born on December 13, 1993, is a prominent figure in the world of professional tennis. As an American tennis sensation, she has not only made her mark with her impressive career-high WTA rankings of No. 7 in singles and No. 86 in doubles but has also earned a reputation as a formidable player with a remarkable journey.

In addition to her remarkable achievements on the tennis court, Danielle Collins has been a source of intrigue for fans and the media due to her romantic life. Her relationships have often been a topic of interest, especially her notable partnerships. One such connection was with Tom Couch, a former Australian Rules football player turned personal trainer, who played a pivotal role in her life, both personally and professionally. However, recent reports suggest a change in her romantic life, as she is now reportedly dating Joe Vollen, a fitness model and guitarist, adding a new dimension to the story of Danielle Collins’ love life.

Who Is Danielle Collins Dating?

As of the latest information available, Danielle Collins’ dating life has undergone some changes. Initially, Danielle Collins was in a relationship with Tom Couch, a former Australian Rules football player turned personal trainer. Tom Couch transitioned from his sports career to personal training in 2019 and also served as Danielle’s personal trainer. However, it was reported that they broke up, and Collins moved on to a new relationship.

Danielle Collins is now reportedly dating Joe Vollen, a fitness model with a strong background in the fitness industry. Vollen has been involved in the fitness industry since 2007 and has worked with several prominent brands, including Ralph Lauren, Club Monaco, Banana Republic, and Calvin Klein. He’s also been an active model for over 15 years and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychological Brain Sciences from John Hopkins University.

Who Is Danielle Collins' Boyfriend? All You Need To Know

Joe Vollen is not only a fitness model but also a talented guitarist, having played for Mark James’ band, The 45 King, since October 2008. He has even collaborated with Grammy-winning DJ Mark James in the past.

In terms of net worth, Joe Vollen is estimated to have a net worth of approximately $3 million, while Danielle Collins, the professional tennis player, boasts an estimated net worth of $5 million, thanks to her successful tennis career and numerous endorsement deals.

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Know About Danielle Collins’ Playing Style

Danielle Collins is renowned in the tennis world for her electrifying and aggressive playing style. Often described as “fearless,” “ferocious,” and undeniably “fun to watch,” she brings an intensity to the court that sets her apart.

One of her standout attributes is her formidable serve, which she uses as a weapon to gain control of points. Collins possesses a powerful and reliable serve, a crucial asset in modern tennis. Her groundstrokes, both forehand and backhand, are potent and delivered with remarkable force. This formidable combination of power from the baseline makes her one of the hardest hitters on the WTA Tour.

Who Is Danielle Collins' Boyfriend? All You Need To Know

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However, with great power comes an element of risk. Collins’ style is characterized by high-risk, high-reward plays. While she can hit an impressive number of winners, she is also prone to committing unforced errors due to the aggressive nature of her game.

Notably, Collins has a standout kick serve, a devastating inside-out forehand, and a versatile and strong double-handed backhand that often surpasses her forehand in terms of effectiveness. Her agility and strong volleying skills enable her to strike winners from virtually any position on the court, making her a multifaceted and dynamic player.

Iga Świątek’s observation that Collins “hits the fastest ball” she’s ever encountered in a match underscores the sheer power and intensity of Danielle Collins’ playing style, a style that keeps fans on the edge of their seats and opponents constantly challenged.

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